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This project began with the Complete retrofit of their dwelling back in 2007 with the integration of a Solar Trombe Wall heat acquisition System, a 1970’s Stainless Steel Solar Hot Water Heating Panel (with 4 left over), an upgraded and integrated 95% efficient Furnace with completely re-positioned Ductwork, Solar Tube Lighting and new state of the art lighting and appliances. (SEE : solar Trombe wall in the slide show (Gruba Geiseler House)

Now the opportunity to create a “platform” for the 4 unused Hot Water Heating Panels with a Photovoltaic Panel Array comes with the requirement to protect the owners Mini Cooper from the weather elements.

The owner acquired Recycled Steel Bar Joists, Recycled Steel Posts, and has cast the Foundations in place to support the energy augmentation assembly upon the metal Roof.

The collected roof runoff water will be routed through the garden area to guarantee the green space in the back yard stays green and produces vegetables and fruit.

After a “trial assembly” ( ) a Building Permit was secured and work has begun on the numerous connections needed to fabricate the carport.