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fence-RXA common problem in our neighborhood happens  when the posts  for our (Back Yard) wooden fences rot at and below grade level.  Ultimately, the fence falls over in a wind event…. Whatever is “in the way” gets crunched.

  • A unique solution to a (gate) post failure is illustrated here.
  • The rotted 6×8 post is shown supported by:
  • (4) 2″x2″x 3/16″  Steel angle scraps
  • which are inserted about 16″ into the cleaned out Concrete void / hole created by the original wooden post.
  • The void is filled with concrete with the (4) steel angles imbedded,
  • then the existing Post is cut square and thru-bolted to the steel angles with 3-1/2″ lag bolts.

If you’ve priced the cost of pressure treated posts recently combined with the aggravation of removing the concrete that (once) held the post upright, you’ll see that this solution will save a lot of money and effort.

A better idea is to NOT allow the wooden post to be below grade in the first place.

We had to “shave” the 4 sides of the post about 1/8″ ( a saw “kerf” ) to make up for the steel’s thickness